Gun Lake Tattoos - Gun Lake Tattoo terrible work.


About 7 years ago when I was 16, my mom took my in to Gun Lake Tattoos for my.first tattoo.An angel the size about 6 inches tall.

Well.. The owner of the shop decided to put in his two cents about doing a backpeice for the same price. I was 16 & dumb.. so I said why not.

My mother was also clueless as to what she agreed to. He ended up doing a crappy outline in black sharpie.. so I assumed he was very akilled and would freehand around hia sketch. Oh, how wrong I was.

He traced his crappy outline to the last chickenscratch line. Needless to say...what could have beenis now what should have NEVER happened. And the owner of shop consistantly joked about 'The more you whine.. the more i'll make this hurt." after my mom left me there so she could go pick up my brother in an emergency.

After 2 hours and $200..

I have 6 hours left and $600 more dollars more I have to back will be beautiful again..

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